Experimental Interaction

Role: Designer & Engineer

Skills:  3D modeling, VR, Unity, 3D C#, Motion Capture

Tldr: Levaraging Virtual Reality for poetic storytelling

This VR experience explores humankind’s illusion of self-control and the unique nature of memory as flashbacks.

In a traumatic event, we lose control. Our brains will revisit the memory later, playing it over, slowing down aspects, to figure out just when things go wrong.

When do you stop revisiting the memory? When do you accept that maybe you never had control in the first place?

In this piece, the user goes through the scene by pressing their controls - giving them a false sense of control. However, when they experience the “trauma” and find themselves back at the beginning of the memory, they realize that their movement can now control time. They can stop time from moving forward (and themselves) but ultimately, can never prevent the trauma from happening.

I was fascinated by how Virtual Reality can allow us to tell poems and stories in a way like never before. In this case, I use C# to script time manipulation so I can explore time in a whole new way with my audience.