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Andri Kumar


I am an interactive artist + designer based in NYC.

I graduated from NYU Interactive Media Arts. During school, I became really fascinated by our symbiotic relationship with digital products.

As we transform into a more digital-first society, we are seeing that more of our intimate experiences are happening online. No one would have believed a few years ago that there would be “Zoom weddings”. As the gap between what we do digitally versus physically closes, more conversations are now happening over text than in person. So, how should digital experiences transform to better honor this assimilated relationship? How are our expectations of digital experiences changing? What do we really need from our interactive products in this digitally-lived age?

All my creative work tries to conceptualize and reimagine what human-ness should look like digitally. While my artwork is more experimental, the design work I do in my role at Bank of America constantly pushes this question. What does it really mean to apply for a mortgage, to take a step towards the American dream, on a website? Where does the experience stop being just a mouse click and a key moment in someone’s life? 

In my free time, I play tennis, binge TV shows, eat spicy noodles, and maintain my Etsy store where I sell clay earrings of Indian food.