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Andri Kumar

Hi there! I am interactive artist + designer based in NYC.
I graduated from NYU Interactive Media Arts in 2020. During art school I became really fascinated about our relationship with symbiotic digital spaces.

At first we thought digital experiences would be separate to our physically lived ones. However, especially in a pandemic, that is far from the case. We have more conversations over text than we do in person. We spend over 9 hours a day with a digital screen. So how should digital experiences transform to better honor this assimilated relationship?

All my creative work tries to conceptualize and reimagine what human-ness should look like digitally. While my art work is more experimental, the design work I do at my role at Bank of America constantly pushes this question. What does it really mean to apply for a mortgage, to take a step towards the American dream, on a website? Where does the experience stop being just a mouse click and a key moment in someone’s life?

In my free time, I play tennis, binge TV shows, eat spicy noodles, and maintain my Etsy store where I sell clay earrings of Indian food. 

Let’s talk design, art, technology, restaurants 
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